About me

Jeroen Korving

I have worked in the Internet sector since 2000. Yes, back then I indeed still used sites like Altavista and AskJeeves before Google became the only search engine. When I studied in Madrid as an Erasmus student I even had to use Telnet to retrieve my mail. And I remember playing Pong and later Leisure Suit Larry on our desktop computer. Back in those days, a game could fit on one single 5.25 Floppy Disk!

Although my age says something different, I still feel young of heart and will always remain 34 ;-).

Since I started working, I have always been intrigued by the Internet. I’ve worked as a consultant for one of the leading Internet agencies in The Netherlands, I worked for an e-business investment firm, I worked for a well-known price comparison site active in multiple countries and eventually, I founded my own Internet company and later on Leading Courses – the leading review and booking portal for golf. Since 2009 I also have my own e-business company KorvingKlikt which enables me to help many other companies.

What I like to do

Right now I feel the urge to help start-ups and scale-ups to succeed. I’ve made many mistakes, had to make difficult decisions, and had to learn on the spot. I want to share my knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs or managers. I work via my own company KorvingKlikt, either as a freelancer or interim manager.

My strengths:

  • I can quickly identify (new) opportunities. This could be new business models, but also improving current processes or automating certain things.
  • I can help you to focus or stay focused. This is one of the most difficult things for an entrepreneur. Make a choice, stick to it and improve this.
  • I can help you to attract funding and meet potential investors. I’ve met many angel investors and VCs and I know exactly what they are looking for.
  • I am also able to create and form new partnerships which will accelerate your business.

On top of the above, I also like to help companies choose the right stack of software (marketing, SEO, CRM etc.).

For whom I like to work

I like to work for start-ups and scale-ups, but I do sometimes accept to work on an interim basis for established companies. The culture should be informal, fun and focused on getting results. I aim to work for companies that are:

  • disruptive in a specific industry
  • positively changing a certain sector
  • sustainable and/or try to make the world a better place

My renumeration

My hourly rate depends on the project duration and the number of days per week. As I still work for my scale-up Leading Courses, my days are limited to 2 per week. For start-ups and scale-ups I accept a hybrid model, which means part in cash and part in equity or part in cash and part based on performance.

If you think I can help, just contact me via LinkedIn or by filling in the contact form!